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Troubleshooting common issues and possible fixes

Collection of resources to get new people started with 3D printers


This page will be updated often with most common things people seem to run into so check back from time to time. In principle if you have read this guide from the begining you should be familiar with most of this issues and how to fix them and this section should act as a short summary. Most of the trouble people are having comes from an improper setup, general lack of knowlege about the 3D printing process in general and understanding the role of the basic components of your 3D printer. Issues can also be caused by slicer settings that are not adapted to the model that you are trying to print.

A good starting point is Simplify3D’s Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Another excelent guide is The Ultimate 3D Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide 2019

Can’t connect to the printer from a PC software

If you can’t connect to the printer from a PC software like Pronterface there could be one of the following issues:

Prints not sticking to the bed

Prints not releasing (sticking too hard)

This is usually an isue with PLA, but I have experienced it with ABS also.

Extruder making funny noises

If the extruder motor is making cracking noises or if it’s not rotatating and just twitching in place you should:

More topics soon(tm)

Contact support

If all else fails …

Artillery Sidewinder Owners Facebook group - Lots of friendly and helpful people

Artillery Genius Owners Facebook group - Lots of friendly and helpful people

Artillery support portal - here you can open a ticket and discuss your issue directly with Artillery support team. They are very helpful and helped people with lots of issues, especially on the hardware side where parts were broken.

Artillery website - Still a work in progress

Artillery github - Firmware source code